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I use only top quality, professional products which have been approved for the manner in which they are used. I do not use products that contain MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer).
 MMA is a hazardous and unhealthful chemical present in some acrylic liquids that has been declared a "poisonous and deleterious substance" by the FDA and is considered unfit for use in fingernail products.  It is still used in dental industry and you may here it referred to as "dental acrylic" or "dental porcelain." It is also widely used as an adhesive in industrial applications such as concrete aggregates. These common industrial uses are why MMA remains readily-- and cheaply-- available, despite having been banned for cosmetic use.
Several salons in the area are using products containing MMA-- often called "porcelain" or "porcelain/acrylic" nails. MMA remains popular as a nail product because of it's extremely low price (as low as $15 a gallon, vs over $200 per gallon for top quality acrylic liquids!) and because of it's reputation for being difficult to break.  But  the price of the service doesn't always determine quality! Several salons in Tulare County are charging premium prices to expose their clients to this dangerous chemical.

MMA is most commonly responsible for allergic reactions to acrylics; also common are injuries to the nail that result in permanent damage to the nail bed, often leading to infections, which in some cases has lead to amputation. MMA poisoning via inhalation can
 also cause damage to the nervous system, resulting in a condition termed "brain dysfunction" which often manifests in tingling and numbness of the fingertips, and even loss of memory: damage to the respiratory system which can cause pulmonary edema in extreme cases: and birth defects.

MMA bonds to the natural nail stronger than the natural nail bonds to the finger. If an MMA nail is hit hard enough, it may break below the free edge and rip the natural nail OFF OF THE FINGER. There have been documented cases where this has happened and the wound has become infected to the point that amputation was necessary!

Please, make sure your nail technician (if not me) knows about this dangerous chemical and can provide you with a copy of the MSDS for her product to show that it does not contain MMA.
The photo below shows what happens when a nail made with MMA is hit too hard-- instead of breaking at the tip, it simply tore the entire nail from the nail bed!

For even more information about MMA,
check out this link to Beautytech!

Check out
for consumer nail information.

The health of your nails is as important to your nail technician as their beauty.I pride myself on my dedication to providing clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will not be exposed to infectious diseases, bacteria, fungi, or other contagions that can easily be avoided by simply following the State Board regulations for salon safety and sanitation.

That's why I ask each client to wash their hands with soap and water before beginning any service and make sure that all implements* are disinfected after each use using a state approved, hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectant. After disinfection, all implements are stored in a sealed, dust-free container to prevent contamination.

*Per state requirements, a new file and buffer are used for each service, all files and buffers are disposed of after use. California does NOT recognize disinfectable files/buffers! These implements MUST be disposed of and cannot be reused, even on the same client!

How you can help:
I often hear horror stories about other salons, then  get asked why those sub-standard salons are allowed to stay in business.

Unfortunately, the state does not have the manpower nor the funding necessary to properly regulate our industry. And poor work practices are often not evident during a standard inspection. The state relies on YOU, the consumer, to inform them when a salon or individual is working below the acceptable standards for the industry. That is why it is important to inform the Department of Consumer Affairs of salons and salon workers who may be putting the public in danger.

For more information about salon health and safety issues in California, or to report a salon or individual for negligence, incompetence, or suspected use of illegal implements or substances please contact the California Barbering and Cosmetology Program at:
1 (800) 952-5210


CA Barbering and Cosmetology Program
P.O. Box 944226
Sacramento CA 94244-2260

Or ask me for a copy of the state complaint form.

Or click on the link below to view the CA Barbering and Cosmetology website. (Complaints can be registered by email at their site.)

Help keep salons safe.

CA Barbering & Cosmetology

Check out
for consumer nail information.

Click on the link to to learn more about issues facing the professional nail industry, how they affect YOU, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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