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So, I'm working on publishing some books...

...really cool books, specifically for the nail industry.
You know, like the really cool books that the hair industry already has 17 gazillion of already?
Idea books. Style books. Concept books. Art books.
Books filled with photos of nail styles and designs representing the full spectrum of enhancement products and techniques available to the discerning nailcare client in today's professional salon environment. Showcasing the variety of lengths, shapes, products, techniques, design and embellishment that can be accomplished by a skilled professional nail artist.
Something your clients can flip through when they wait, or when they don't know what they want, or during their hair or pedi appointments.
Something to inspire them (and you) and to show them what's possible.
These books will, naturally, feature beautifully posed and photographed nails of exquisite quality, because we want to show off now and then... but mostly, I envision hundreds of photos of real-life nails, done on real-life clients, taken by the every day, real-life nail artists who created them.
Styles and designs that represent what is popular, what is practical, and what is being done on a daily basis in salons across America and throughout the world and being worn by real women across all walks of life
 and in every field of employment and play.
I intend to publish new volumes on an annual basis,
 and periodic special editions featuring specific themes such as holiday nails, bridal nails, etc.
This is a collective effort-- I need lots of support from my colleagues to make this project successful. Mostly, I need your pictures!
Please read the submission guildelines (they're pretty easy-going) and download the appropriate release forms to return with your entries. And share this site, the more participation we get, the better!

Of course I'm open to suggestion!
I have big plans for the future of this project, but if you have any ideas that you'd like to contribute, please email me at
Remember, I'm a full time nail tech in my other life!
Email is the absolute best way to contact me! I can also be found on Facebook as Onykophile.
But sometimes it takes me a few days to reply, patience is appreciated.

Contact Maggie at