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Submission Guildelines

I need a lot of pictures....

Acrylic nails. Embedded glitter with Fimo slices.

Acrylic extensions, hand painted nail art

Stiletto shape. Acrylic extensions.
Embedded glitter and gold leaf.

Nails by Maggie Franklin. Visalia, CA, USA
Acrylic extensions. Embedded glitter, hand sculpted design.

Nails by Maggie Franklin. Visalia, CA, USA
Acrylic extensions. Polish with 3D acrylic flowers and hand painted art.

Nails by Maggie Franklin. Visalia, CA, USA
Acrylic extensions. Embedded glitter with impressions. Almond shape.

I just added photos because
 this is the blandest web site I have ever created.
But you get the idea of what I mean by
 adding a description, right?
Also-- I'll never post photos online
again without a watermark--
 but photos submitted for the book
should NOT have watermarks or text on them!

The best way to get those pictures to me is to email them to me at ONYKOPHILE@HOTMAIL.COM.

BUT WAIT! There's more...

I'm pretty decent with the photo-editing software: I can resize, crop, rotate, lighten, darken, and blur distracting backgrounds. But I can't focus a blurry photo. Nobody can. Not even Photoshop gurus-- I don't care what you see on tv.

The nails in your photos need to be visible. They need to be in focus. And the average person needs to be able to tell what's on them... and I have a team of "average people" who will be assisting me with the photo editing process.

If you take photos with your cell phone-- or have your digital camera set on "stun", ok, not literally "stun" but at file size and pixel depth that means the photos look great when they're on your cell phone but look like they were taken by your dog when they get resized to anything bigger than 2 inches-- there's a very good chance I won't be able to use them. Although, lots of cell phones take beautiful photos these days, just make sure your settings are the highest quality available and that the lighting is good.

300 dpi is preferred, but if your images are at another pixel depth, I can usually resize them to fit these purposes, so send them anyway!

Make sure there is NO watermark or text on the photo! I will credit each photo with the information listed below, but the files need to be high quality and free of text or watermarking for printing.

Model release form will be necessary for any photos that include faces, and if the faces belong to a minor, you will also need to submitt the "minor" model release form.

Copyright release forms are also required from the photographer as well as the artist who created the nails-- if you didn't take the photo yourself, make sure you have your photog sign the release.

For the moment, it looks like my Hotmail email address will handle plenty of attachment size. Just please make sure you name your files appropriately and list the file names on the release forms.

NAMING FILES: Please rename your files in this format--

First Name, Last Name, #

For example: FranklinMaggie001, FranklinMaggie002, etc and so on.

You'll need to list the file names of each photo that you submitt on the release form.

Each photo printed will be credited with the following information, so be sure to include it for each photo:

1. the name (and title if appropriate) of the artist/technician who did the nails

2. The city, state, country where that artisit/technician lives/works (I'll let you decide if you want to use the information of where you were when you did them or where you are now if you have relocated since.

3. Your salon name-- totally optional, by the way.

4. Description & Products-- Yes! If you are an educator for a company, or just love your products, feel free to give the manufacturer a shout out! And include a brief desciption of how the nails were done.

Example: Acrylic extensions with hand painted nail art. CND products.

or: Embedded glitter with Fimo cane slices. Gel nails. Young Nails products.



Step by step tutorials will not appear in the books themselves-- these are supposed to be idea books for clients to look at.

If you would like to include step by step instructions on how to recreate your design, feel free to submitt them. The current plan to is to make tutorials available seperately via the Internet or DVD.


Contact Maggie: