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welcome to the Art of Nailz


Meet the Talent
Finding Maggie

The cutest puppy in the world.

Parker today, all grown up

Parker at 9 weeks

Parker is a blue merle Australian Shepherd. He's really only 7/8 Aussie, with his great-grandpa being a full blooded Kelpie.
He's 3 1/2 years old now, his birthday is Cinco De Mayo.
Like many Aussies, he's a little high strung, anxious, and totally neurotic. Hopefully someday we'll be able to buy some property and get him some goats to herd. Until then he tries to herd us around.
If you ever see us out and about, feel free to pet him. Just make sure he's with me, or his "Dad." He gets very barky and can actually be very intimidating for such a pretty pup.

Tyler at 3 years

Parker's best buddy is Tyler.
Tyler is one year older than Parker. Tyler is the BF's dog.
When the BF adopted Tyler from the pound he was pretty sure he was getting a regular mutt with some lab and a lot of pit bull in him. But since Tyler has grown up we get stopped all the time and asked about our "Rhodesian Ridgeback."
This happened so often that the BF did some research on Rhodies.
Tyler is almost a classic example, except that he's lacking that trademark ridge down the center of his back. It's possible that he could be part Rhodie, or even be all Rhodie and just not have the ridge. If that's the case, it might explain how he ended up at the pound as a little pup-- he wouldn't be worth any money to a breeder.
Oh well... we don't have any intentions of spending the money to have a doggie DNA test done to find out something we don' t care about! Tyler is a GREAT dog and he's Parker's best friend!


Parker and Tyler love to play outdoors, just like their mom and dad! They're both excellent fetchers and love to swim! Here's how they usually look if you catch us out and about, wet and worn out in the back of the BF's Xterra!


Dogs don't like to wear socks. Not even for a little while to take pictures.


A sleep, muddy Parker
after a long day of picking wild blackberries

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