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rockstar nails with fimo slices

Rock Star Acrylic Enhancements:
Coined by a fellow nail artist right here in Tulare County, the term "Rockstar" has become the most widely recognized term worldwide for the technique of embedded nail art.
The most popular element used in the Rockstar technique is definitely glitter, but mylar flake, confetti, and fimo cane slices are also available. Glitters can be custom mixed to create unique colors and effects.
Rockstar nails allow the wearer to express themselves while still allowing for the instant dry advantage of a gel sealant, and the color will never wear off the tips.
The only limit is your imagination.

pink and white acrylic nails

Pink & White Acrylic Enhancements
Still our most popular enhancement service. Traditional acrylic sculpted over forms in traditional French manicure style. Available in a variety of shades of pink and white to suite each individual's taste and style.

rockstar gel overlay in gold

Rockstar Gel Overlay
Growing in popularity, the option to simply wear a lightweight, gel overlay over natural nails, while still enjoying the glittery appeal of Rockstar nails. Using the same technique as for Rockstar toes, simply add glitter to your gel overlay.
Does not extend the length of the nails. Easy to switch colors, covers the whole nail. One flat rate.

pink and white gel nails

Gel Enhancements:
The term "gel" comes from the consistency of the product, which is thick and gooey.  Therefore many products get away with calling themselves "gels."  However, most salon professionals agree that a "true" gel is one that is cured under ultra violet light.
UV cured gels are lightweight and more flexible than acrylic.  This flexibility allows for better adhesion than other enhancement products, this, and gel's crystal clarity and  tendency to cure to a high shine without polish or topcoat, make them very popular.
Gels are more expensive than other products too, and many discount salons have begun to capitalize on this by charging higher prices for "gel" nails.  In many cases, these so-called gel nails turn out to be nothing more than traditional acrylics with a uv cured top coat or gel sealant over them.  By being an informed consumer you can avoid getting ripped off by one of these unscrupulous salons!
Gel is NOT a powder and liquid product!  They are applied directly to the nail like thick polish and then cured under an ultra violet light.   Usually gel nails require 2 to 4 coats of gel application to make up the enhancement.  They do not require an initial application of traditional acrylic (powder & liquid).
Most gels are virtually identical to acrylic in chemistry and up until recently gel services remained unsuitable for clients with monomer sensitivities because of this. However, new products have recently been introduced that are hypoallergenic and excellent for those with chemical sensitivities!
Please inform me if you need hypoallergenic products when booking your gel service, as I use both traditional and hypoallergenic gel products.

acrylic nails with zebra and leopard art

What we used to call simply "fills" have become "rebalancing" in today's more informed and technologically aware world. Rebalancing has become the accepted term today because it involves so much more than simply reapplying product at the cuticle where the nail grows out. The arch of the nail must also be repositioned in order to restore strength at the stress point where most cracks appear, and the free edge is reshaped and excess length adjusted in order to retain the proper balance to the overall structural integrity of the extension. Whew! Bet you didn't know it was THAT involved!
Regular maintenance is recommened every two to three weeks to ensure proper performance from the products. This will greatly reduce lifting, breaking, and the risk of infection and keep nails looking well maintained.

Remember; the idea is to get them filled BEFORE they start breaking or lifting!

pink and white backfill


For Pink and White nails, a French fill-- or backfill-- involves refreshing the white tip as well as rebalancing the new growth in order to maintain that natural "French manicure" look.
This is done by using the electric file to remove the top layer of the tip and backing up the natural smile line of the nail.  Then new tip color is reapplied, as well as rebalancing the entire enhancement structure.
Many clients prefer to have a French fill every two weeks with their regular maintenance and we prefer it that way too in order to keep our work looking it's best at all times. However, most folks can get away with a French fill once a month-- or every other rebalance.
French acrylics do not have to be removed entirely and a new set applied in order to maintain the white tip.  French fills (sometimes referred to as backfills) are an advanced technique, and not all salons are proficient at them, we recommend you ask about methods for maintaining the French look when choosing your nail technician.

pink and white acrylic toenails

Yup, on your piggies. Great for restructuring damaged toenails, and can help "retrain" ingrown nails. Or just because they look fabulous! Acrylic toenails should be rebalanced every 4 to 6 weeks; perfect for sandal season!

leopard rockstar toes

Rock Star Toes
Try Rockstar toenails for a "permanent" pedicure that can last as long as 8 weeks! (you will most likely want to shorten your toenails before that though!)
Glitter embedded between layers of tradtional uv gel. These nails look fabulous in stilettos or flip flops!
Must be filed off when you are ready to change colors.

Enhancement Removal
 Nail enhancements should NEVER be "ripped" or "clipped" off!
I've also heard of salons that use a plastic nail tip (like the ones used for extensions) pushed up between the natural nail and the enhancement product to "pop" off the old product. These methods are painful and will contribute to unnecessary damage to the natural nail.
My professional removal process is PAINLESS and NON-DAMAGING to the nails.
I place an acetone-soaked cotton pad on each nail, wrap the finger tip in foil, then place each hand in a heated mitten. It takes about 40 minutes for acrylic to dissolve so that it can be gently rolled off with a file. 
I strongly recommend a manicure with this service if you are not immediately replacing the enhancements.
Removal of "Rockstar" and Gel enhancements is a little more complicated because tradtional gels are impervious to solvents and will not dissolve in acetone. These enhancement must be filed off carefully to avoid damaging the natural nail.

natural manicure

Signature Manicure:

Instead of soaking hands and nails in water, which dries skin and waterlogs nails causing polish to peel and nails to split-- I start my basic manicure with a moisturizing cream to soften skin. Hands are then placed in protective liners and allowed to rest for a moment in heated aromatherapy mittens. Then I push back cuticles, shape nails, and polish.

gelish toes

UV Polish: Nail or Toes
This is the product we've been waiting for-- a polish that actually lasts on the nails for more than just a few days.
The gel manicure will last on natural nails for 10 to 15 days. 
The Art of Nailz has chosen Gelish by Hand & Nail Harmony as our primary line of UV polish. Gelish offers the largest selection of colors (currently 84,) with the best balance of wearability and ease of removel, and has remained reliably available since its introduction to the market.
We also stock a sampling of several other lines, including Shellac (by CND,) Polish Pro (by NSI,) Gelaxy, and Eco Gel (from Star Nail) and are continuously adding to our uv polish collection as new brands are introduced to the market.
UV polish is the perfect solution for natural nail manicures and can also be used over traditional gel or acrylic enhancements.

tiki nail art

Nail Art
Most nail art that I do is easily added on within the amount of time allowed for each service, but with the resurgence in popularity of genuine, hand-painted nail art, more and more clients are requesting specialized designs that require advance notice and extra time.
I enjoy these challenges and am eager to cutomize your nails to any outfit or occassion, and I appreciate your understanding that many designs simply cannot be accomplished without making advance arrangements for the additional time.

nail art competition entry

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