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welcome to the Art of Nailz

Meet the Talent
Finding Maggie

Maggie in backpacking mode
backpacker Maggie

I realize that I'm not what most people expect, or are used to, from a nail tech. I'm quirky, to say the least. I like to think that people describe me as "a character" when they talk about me. One of those slightly odd, eccentric artist-types that you end up being quite fond of once you get used to me.

My clientelle is eclectic, like myself. I always seem to find something enjoyable about each person, regardless of age or personal style. I'm just as thrilled to maintain your classic French manicure as I am to bling out your nails with custom rockstar styles and I enjoy painting flowers just as much as skulls!

One thing is for certian, however! I LOVE doing nails and from what I've been told, I'm not half bad at it.

Doing nails is so much more than just holding someone's hand for an hour or so every other week and making their nails look nice. Doing it well also means realizing that you will never know it all. This is a constantly changing industry that works with state-of-the-art chemistry and it's imperative to understand how these products work and how to safely apply and remove them-- not just how to make them look pretty.

A good nail tech also has to know how to maintain a safe working environment in order to protect the health and safety of her clients-- and herself and her co-workers! Disinfection practices are not just for show, they are an important part of making sure that you never regret having your nails done.

The professional nail industry is a thriving business all over the world, with tradeshows, competitions, and continuing education far above and beyond that which is required by most states or countries to maintain a license. A nail tech who is passionate about the industry she has chosen to work in is a nail tech who will provide you with a lifetime of excellent service.

Favorite nails right now:
angry birds nail art
I don't play the game, but the birds are SO cute!

Keep up with Maggie's personal blog!
a Fish with a Bicycle on blogspot!

3D Nail Art Competition entry: Vampires theme
vampire nail art
2011 ISSE Long Beach 7th place

Nailpro Cup 2009
nailpro cup top 10 finalist
Top 10 Finalist

Recent Achievements:
IBS Las Vegas tradeshow
ISSE Long Beach 2011
3D nail art competition- "Vampires" theme
7th place
Nailpro Cup Top Ten Finalist 2009
and many more spanning the last 20 years!

Nails Magazine
a few issues featuring Maggie

CA Manicurist license: M120 766
October 1992 to present

(559) 300-8063