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A few other place on the web where you can find Maggie 

By now almost everyone is familiar with Myspace. I know it's much more popular with my younger clients, but I encourage everyone to check it out at least once.
It took a long time before my clients were able to talk me into creating a Myspace profile, once I did, I love it. Unfortunately, it does take a lot of time to keep it updated, so I only log in about once a week. So it's not the best place to email me if you need to get ahold of me.
I do have some awesome slide shows and my Myspace does incorporate more of my personal interests along with my passion for nails. I keep my profile set to public so anyone can view my profile and photos and read the blog entries.
If Myspace really isn't your thing, I double post my blog entries from Myspace to my blogspot blog.

I started blogging at blogspot because I have so many clients who refuse to visit a Myspace page. The blogspot blog is aptly named, since I needed another webpage to maintain like a fish needs a... you get it.
My blogspot blog is eclectic, with lots of nail-related stuff, but also some of whatever comes to mind.

This is my professional blog for Nails Magazine at their website. It's less of a mess because I have an editor who makes me look good in print by running spell check for me and rearranging sentences that don't make sense.
It is all about nails and is written by a nail tech FOR nail techs.

Twitter is my newest web presence and I don't have the art of tweating down to a science yet.

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I've had some issues figuring out how to get a yelp listing for me as a business, but you can always log on and just say something nice.

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